Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Corporate Digital Signage

Shape your company culture, engage your staff & customers…


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Improve how you communicate with your staff and customers

It’s hard for enterprise-level businesses to keep their brand consistent and their staff working together as a single team. As such, corporate digital signage is becoming an increasingly popular way of reinforcing company culture/best practice, motivating staff, and communicating with customers.

We help corporations and franchises to create and manage large/complex digital signage estates that improve their employee and customer communication.

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Saturn's Corporate Communication Clients

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Internal communication

We have a number of corporate digital signage solutions for internal communication to help you including:

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“We wanted a digital signage company that we could partner with. One that, like us, wanted to challenge the norm, could bring lots of experience and exciting ideas to the table and would be great to work with. Saturn has managed to exceed all of our expectations.

Daniel Kilday, Head Of Brand Delivery

Customer communication

There are countless ways to improve your customer communication using digital signage.

We have a full suite of  consultation, solution design, installation and management services to help you get the results you want.

Our team will work with you to find the perfect solution, whether that be something standard or  tailored and more complex.

Should you require it, we can help you develop custom software applications/integrations to link your digital signage with third party systems.

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Applications for digital signage in corporate communications (internal)

Business announcements

New product launch announcements

Introduce new processes/practices

Reinforce best practice compliance

Performance management (status against target)

Reinforcing company mission/values

Cross-department communication

Staff recognition

Promoting internal incentives/initiatives

Internal recruitment

Staff motivation (gamification/competitions)

Promoting/reinforcing CSR initiatives

Wellness guidance

Promoting staff training opportunities

Reduce visitors’ perceived wait times in reception

Key Benefits

  • Reinforces best practice
  • Highlights key information to staff
  • Ability to vary the frequency/visibility of messages as appropriate
  • Consistency and speed of information sharing across all sites/locations
  • Ability to shape company culture
  • Increase staff/customer engagement
  • Impress/entertain visitors


If you’re interested in corporate digital signage, why not check out our article which gives 11 reasons why businesses should consider using it.

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“We needed a way of sharing information that was unobtrusive but nonetheless sufficiently impactful to inform and engage people and be easy and quick to update. The flexibility of SaturnVision has been very helpful in encouraging employees to contribute to ‘News Forum’.”

Sally Mawson, National Communications Manager

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