Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Corporate Digital Signage & Unified Comms

Improve staff collaboration, engage customers more effectively, & increase operational efficiency


Upgrade your corporate communications using digital signage

Looking to improve how you communicate with staff, clients and suppliers?

We’re a digital signage consultancy that makes buying, installing & running corporate digital signage & video conferencing equipment easy.

We understand that every company is different, and that communication and collaboration can be especially difficult for those with large and/or multiple sites, and a hybrid workforce. So we’ll help you get a solution tailored for your exact needs & budget.

Here are some of the corporate digital signage solutions we offer.


Double LED screens in corporate office.

Video conferencing\Unified communications

With more businesses embracing hybrid working, the ability to collaborate properly with remote workers is essential.

We have 10 years’ experience in installing video conferencing systems and are an accredited Poly and Yealink Partner. So we’re fully qualified to specify the hardware (camera, screen, speaker/mic. system) you need for the size and layout of your meeting rooms. We also have qualified sound engineers on our team to set up your speakers and microphones to ensure that everything works as it should.

We’ll supply and install easy-to-use intelligent video-conferencing systems that are accredited by MS Teams Rooms (MTR) and/or Zoomrooms and allow documents/applications to be shared on screen.

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Two digital LED screens in corporate office meeting rooms

Collaboration tools

As hybrid working starts to become the norm for many, it’s important that office and home-based workers can collaborate just as effectively as when they’re in the same room.

There are a growing number of tools now available – e.g. interactive displays/whiteboards – that can make collaboration easier. Many are flexible, with devices that can be used like a screen, whiteboard, or for video conferencing, and/or give the ability to save on-screen notes as a file so they can be circulated to meeting attendees.

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Room booking systems

No matter what your company size is, managing meeting room availability can be an issue.

We can install a meeting room management system (integrated with your Microsoft Teams/Google Calendar) with interactive screens on the outside of your meeting rooms. These will display the room’s availability and allow people to book it when free.

Should you use non-standard or industry-specific room booking software system, e.g. to book hospital consulting rooms, our software development team can easily integrate your software and create a room-booking system for you – something we’ve done for other clients.

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Some of our corporate communication clients

  • AO logo
  • NHS logo
  • Volkswagen logo
  • Crosscountry logo
  • Skoda logo
  • ODEON logo

Reception area digital signage

Visitors waiting in the reception area of your large, corporate, office building are a captive audience. If they are important to your business, you have the perfect opportunity to communicate whatever messages you want to them.

LED wall/video wall – First impressions count. LED/video walls can be used in the reception area of your premises to be an attention-grabbing feature that’s on-brand, and has a real wow-factor. We can specify an appropriate display for the space/budget you have, install it, and give you software to manage the content appearing on it. We also have an in-house team of specialists that can help you create slick, branded content for it.

Digital signage displays – If you have a large reception area, information screens can be used to impress, entertain, and educate your visitors all at once. Digital displays can convey corporate messages/news and distract visitors, reducing their perceived wait time.

Window displays – If your premises have large windows and high passing footfall, your windows to communicate corporate or sales messages. Window displays can be single or double-sided. We can supply and install these, provide software and if required, create branded content for you.

Visitor management systems – If you have lots of visitors/contractors, digital check-in/out systems can take pressure off your reception staff. Visitors are pre-registered so when they check-in, the relevant staff member is notified. The system also keeps an accurate log of who is on the premises in the event of an emergency.

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Men in an office looking at digital signage showing corporate communications channel

Our corporate digital signage services

Room booking systems

(specification & supply, installation)

Hardware installation

(inc. project management & sound engineering)

Digital signage content creation

(e.g. corporate animation/video editing, branded newsfeeds, apps)

Technical support helpdesk

(hardware & software user support)

Corporate screen savers for PCs/laptops

(inc. software to manage content)


Call centre digital signage

Good communication is essential in contact centres. Not just for effective call handling, but also for ongoing staff satisfaction. Screens can be integrated with third party software and used to deliver live metrics and operational information at a consistent pace and time. They can also communicate staff news and reinforce best practices  and health and safety messages.

We can assess viewing distances and identify the size and volume of screens required, giving all contact centre staff good visibility. We’ll also identify appropriate mounts so they don’t obstruct effective staff communication.

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Break-out areas

For break rooms and break-out spaces to be effective, they need to be flexible. We can install touchscreen displays within break-out areas that can be used like a computer monitor to show information housed on the network. For optimum flexibility, we can also install video conferencing cameras and speaker/mic systems (if the area has appropriate sound insulation).

When not in use, screens that are easily visible to staff passing the area can switch to a ‘passive’ mode and convey corporate communication messages – e.g. company vision/values, best practice, news.  To save energy, the screens can also be programmed to shut down automatically when staff have left the office for the day.

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“We wanted a digital signage company that we could partner with. One that, like us, wanted to challenge the norm, could bring lots of experience and exciting ideas to the table and would be great to work with. Saturn has managed to exceed all of our expectations.

Daniel Kilday, Head Of Brand Delivery

Office hallway & cafeteria digital signage

Your employees are constantly bombarded with information via email, messaging apps and social media so it can be hard to make important messages to staff stand out. Digital signage in cafeterias, hallways and lift landing areas can provide the perfect opportunity to highlight key information to staff. We can specify and install suitable digital displays, supply software to manage the on-screen content, and provide technical support.

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“We needed a way of sharing information that was unobtrusive but nonetheless sufficiently impactful to inform and engage people and be easy and quick to update. The flexibility of SaturnVision has been very helpful in encouraging employees to contribute to ‘News Forum’.”

Sally Mawson, National Communications Manager

Why should you use SaturnVision for your corporate digital signage?

Our cloud-based, corporate digital signage software, SaturnVision, will enable you to:

  • Group multiple screens together by region or department and show tailored content to each group
  • Integrate third party software systems with your displays
  • Split displays to show different types of content e.g. news feed, live TV, weather, traffic
  • Set different permissions for different users
  • Automatically shut down screens at weekends/evenings to maximise screen life/save energy

Learn more about SaturnVision here.

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